Tuesday, December 5, 2017

The Mystery of the Beach Chairs

When we went to lunch at Sammy’s yesterday we tied our dinghy at the dock of another restaurant, Frigate Bar and Grill. We felt a little bit guilty about doing that but a man working on the property at the time said we were welcome to tie up there. As we were approaching the Frigate I noticed several very nice beach chairs lined up in the sun facing the water. I was puzzled about why they were there. There isn’t a resort on the property, I didn’t think local people would be interested in sitting in the sun and cruisers like us wouldn’t be interested, either. The man who helped tie up our dinghy told us that he keeps his boat near the dock and uses it to catch conch for the people from the cruise ships. We were skeptical about cruise ships since it is shallow for several miles around Rock Sound. We thought he meant cruising boats like ours. Well, this morning I was reading the Explorer Guide Book and saw that Princess Cruise Line has a private harbor at the southern end of Eleuthera. So, I imagine that one of the excursions is to bring people from the ship to Rock Sound by land. The Frigate Bar and Grill is probably a stop for lunch or a conch fritter snack and the people can also lounge in the chairs. Now it all makes sense!

Today was a day for cleaning the cabin and shopping for fresh vegetables. Our pattern lately has been to shop the day before the supply ship arrives when the shelves are most likely to be empty. Yesterday I asked SOB when the ship was due. He said it was today. Sure enough, when we got up this morning the ship was already at the dock unloading. We thought the fresh vegetables should be on the shelves by the afternoon and we weren’t disappointed. The store, Marketplace, is a really nice medium-sized grocery store and has an amazing 15-20 foot tall fresh decorated Christmas tree that was brought in from the US. 

Jean and Michael on Desiderata were coming into the harbor as we were returning from the store. We dinghied over to say hello and spent some time catching up. It was great to see them again. 

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