Friday, December 8, 2017

Rock Sound to Warderick Wells

We woke up before sunrise yesterday morning to get an early start to the Exumas. There had been two heavy squalls during the night. One with a lot of wind and the other with very heavy rain. Just as we started to get ready to leave the skies opened up again. When it stopped raining George went to the bow and I attempted to start the engine. Nope. Fortunately, George had left the Honda Generator out in case we needed it. He started it up and then I was able to start the engine. Just as we were leaving it started raining heavily again, this time with thunder and lightning. We kept going, thinking it didn't matter if we were moving or at anchor. The driving rain continued for 2 1/2 hours. It rained so heavily that the bimini was leaking like a sieve. I couldn't find a place to stand that wasn't dripping. We had the enclosure panel that connects the dodger and bimini in place and that helped keep the rain from blowing in our faces. The other panels wouldn't have helped because of the leaking bimini. Once we got into the deep water between Eleuthera and the Exumas the swells picked up and were on our beam, rocking us back and forth. The wind was too light and variable to sail. We motored for another 2 1/2 hours, trying to find a comfortable angle through the waves. The wind finally picked up and we raised the sails, giving us a much more comfortable ride. We pulled into Exuma Park and picked up a mooring.
It is so beautiful here. The water is incredibly clear and such beautiful shades of blue. We are going to stay a few days and sit out a front while we also try to sort out the engine battery problem. Last night we were both puzzled to see the engine battery voltage flickering and dropping when we ran the microwave. We are puzzled because we thought the the two systems weren't connected. Stay tuned...

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