Thursday, December 14, 2017

Pipe Cay East to Big Majors Spot

It turns out that the anchorage at Pipe Cay East was an almost ideal place to sit out a west wind. The water was very calm throughout the night and we were able to sleep well. The only issue we had was related to the current. George heard a banging noise in the night. When he got up to check it he discovered the stern of the dinghy (which was tied behind Breeze On) banging up against the stern of Breeze On!  They were pointed in opposite directions. The current had the dinghy pinned against Breeze On and he had a heck of a time getting it to move. We had a relaxing morning sitting in the cockpit, reading and looking at the beautiful view. Chris Parker had predicted that the west winds would subside and become light and variable. They hadn’t yet, but by early afternoon we were trusting that they would and we raised the anchor. We decided to tow the dinghy since we weren’t going far but after we rounded the corner of the anchorage it became clear that the dinghy wasn’t happy with the outboard attached to the transom. Since George had already had to replace some rivets on the transom we decided to pull over out of the channel, drop the anchor and take the outboard off of the dinghy. The water was choppy but we managed to get it on the motor mount without mishap. 
By the time we left Pipe Cay we didn’t have time to get all the way to Black Point, our next destination, so we pulled into Big Majors Spot (the home of pig beach). Although the west wind had subsided shortly after we left Pipe Cay the water was still choppy. The anchorage was bouncy and rolly for a few hours but by the time we went to bed it had calmed down   This morning, since we were near Staniel Cay, we decided to dinghy ashore and buy some diesel, visit the Pink Store for vegetables, and the BTC store for a SIM cards for the Wirie. (George said he would write a blog post on the Wirie so stay tuned for more information.).  Before we left we checked the hours of the BTC store, M-F 9-4:30. We stopped there first and saw a sign saying “Gone to Black Point. Back at 2:00 pm”. Hmmmm. We had also checked the hours for the Black Point store which were Wed. 9-12. We usually have trouble keeping track of the days of the week but we did know today is Thursday. Oh well. We didn’t want to hang around until 2:00 and probably won’t make it to shore at Black Point before noon. It will have to wait. That is island time for you. Next stop, the Pink Store. We had no idea when the supply boat comes to Staniel but this time we were in luck. It had arrived yesterday. We found beautiful lettuce, red peppers, avocados and an onion. Score!  I asked the owner if the hours of the BTC store had changed. She actually had a very reasonable explanation for the change. She said the weather was too bad yesterday for anyone to get in and out of Black Point harbor so they were opening there today instead of yesterday.  Black Point is especially bad in west wind. Not only is it completely open to the west but it is v-shaped so the waves get funneled in. Now it all makes sense. The water is flat calm now and we are on our way to Black Point.  

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