Friday, November 17, 2017

We Made it through the Gulf Stream

We are just over half way on our passage from Brunswick to the Bahamas. Per Chris Parker's weather routing we entered the Gulf Stream yesterday morning at about 10 am. The conditions were not as "gnarly" as last year but they weren't great. We had 7 ft waves with a 7 second period much of the five and a half hours it took us to transit the Gulf Stream. (For all you non-sailors the period is an indication of the distance between waves.) The waves were hitting us on the port bow. A few broke onto the boat and sent water over the entire length of the boat. Some of the waves would lift Breeze On up and and then let her crash down on the other side of the wave. BLAM! It was so rough that we opted to eat granola bars and nuts for our mid-day meal and put our casserole in the oven after we were through the Gulf Stream. The good news was that we crossed during daylight hours and it was short. It didn't seem short, though. George commented a few times after crashing down over a wave, "OK, I am officially ready to be done with this." If any of you are watching our tracks you may be thinking we are taking a crazy route. After exiting the Gulf Stream we are making some turns that are meant to keep us from fighting the current in the eddies around the Gulf Stream. Last night, after sailing east, we realized we were fighting the current in an eddy. We then turned to sail west to get out of the eddy.
We are keeping our usual 2 hour watches during the day and long watches at night. We are more tired than usual because this passage requires more vigilance and we aren't napping as much as usual.

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