Thursday, November 23, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving

We were extra cautious and left Green Turtle Cay early this morning to ensure we could get through the Whale before the front came through. We headed for Hope Town, another adorable town that we visited and liked last year. As it turns out our friends Jean and Michael were headed for Green Turtle Cay and arrived there this afternoon. Darn! We knew they were on their way to the Bahamas but weren’t sure where they were going. We will have to meet up with them later on. 
After picking up a mooring in Hope Town we dinghied ashore to see where we might find some Thanksgiving dinner. We saw a sign advertising Thanksgiving dinner outside Cap’n Jack’s, a restaurant on the harbor very close to our boat. We decided to come back later for an early dinner. We had tied up to the main dock in town where there are signs telling boaters to use a stern anchor. That keeps the boats perpendicular to the dock and allows for more boats to tie up. George tossed out our dinghy anchor but didn’t think it was far enough so he hauled it back and tried again. This time, as he pulled the line to tighten it up, the line came back without an anchor attached. Oops!  He went back to the boat to get another small anchor that we have. The water isn’t quite clear enough here to go diving for our lost anchor.  We will shop for a replacement at the local marine store. 
When we returned to Cap’n Jack’s we sat down and asked the waitress for the Thanksgiving dinner. She asked if our names were on the list. Oops again!  We said no and must have looked disappointed.  She said she would check to see if there were two dinners left. After several minutes she came back and said there were!  Hurray!  The dinners were delicious. As we sat on the deck and ate we watched the really unusual clouds from the front moving in. It was quite a sight. 

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