Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Green Turtle Cay

We left Treasure Cay this morning and motored in light winds to Green Turtle Cay. We traveled through the infamous “Whale” without incident. There are two harbors on Green Turtle Cay, Black Sound in the south and White Sound in the north. We picked up a mooring in White Sound because it has deeper water.  We dinghied 
to shore in the early afternoon and inquired about renting a golf cart to tour the island. We weren’t sure how long to rent it because we weren’t sure how long we were staying. We talked to the dock master at the Green Turtle Club and he said a front is coming and the Whale will get nasty. That was all we needed to hear to make us decide to spend just one night here and get back through the Whale while we could. We rented the golf cart for the afternoon and took a quick tour. We first drove toward the southern end where the town of New Plymouth is located. It is a quirky, adorable town with lots of shops and restaurants. There is quite a bit of housing on Green Turtle Cay and there seemed to be a lot of residents out and about. We found some lovely beaches and finished with a drink at the beach bar at the Bluff House on the northern end of the island. 

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