Friday, May 26, 2017

Outboard Motor Cover

While George is working on his list I have been working on sewing projects. Today I finished an outboard motor cover made from Sunbrella. When we were on our passage to the Bahamas last fall our outboard (dinghy) motor was splashed several times by large waves. Then, when we went to start it up for the first time, it wouldn't start. The person who repaired it said we had evidence of salt water inside the motor. After that we repurposed our rainman water maker cover for the outboard. 
I used Sailrite's project video for instructions and thought it was an easy project.  It has a separate cover for the handle. Both covers are tied with a line that runs through a casing.  I added two lines on the bottom toward the back of the cover. We tie these together under the motor to keep it more secure. 

1 comment:

  1. When the motor gets wet, its really difficult to start it. As due to water goes into the motor, it made the motor wet. You have put the right solution by covering it.