Thursday, April 20, 2017

Good Weather Window After All

George and I just couldn't figure out the weather window for our next leg. So, we decided to spend the $55 and ask Chris Parker for weather routing to get us to the Chesapeake Bay. We think it is well worth it. According to Chris we had a good opportunity if we left this morning, so we did. The trip to the Chesapeake is 270 nm and should take us 50 hours, give or take.
We spent the afternoon walking around Bald Head Island and touring the "Old Baldy" lighthouse. If we had been there another day we would have rented bicycles or a golf cart to see more of the island. There are a lot of large vacation homes on the island. Other than the golf carts, the only vehicles allowed on the island are service vehicles. They are brought over on a cargo ferry a couple times a day. The passenger ferries come twice an hour from early morning to midnight. We timed our departure for just after the 6 am ferry's departure. We have seen a lot of families on Bald Head Island, including a lovely family from Easton (near our home, Cambridge). It seems like a great place for a family vacation.


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