Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Cumberland Island 2/Lands and Legacies Tour

We cleared the waiting list and made it onto one of two Lands and Legacies tour vans. We are so glad we did. The tour was so interesting, covering all 18 miles of the island. Our guide, Mike, provided information about the history of Cumberland since the 1700's. The cotton gin was invented by Eli Whitney on Cumberland. Mike was our guide through the Plum Orchard mansion where a 19-year-old bride once presided in the manner of Downton Abbey. We also visited the tiny church where JFK Jr. was married in 1996. (Mike took our photo there). We saw more feral horses, armadilloes, an eagle, sand dunes, forests,
marshes and the ruins of the outbuildings of Dungeness. 

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