Monday, March 13, 2017

Goodbye Bahamas, Hello USA

We took advantage of a favorable weather window and left Bimini just before sunrise yesterday morning.

 We were able to sail the first several hours of the trip, then motor sail then motor and finally sail again. From Bimini we turned southwest, then west, then northwest so as not to fight the GulfStream. As we approached Miami we discussed stopping there and clearing Customs but decided to press on through the night to Marathon. 

In hindsight, we should have stopped in Miami. Apparently, US Customs no longer handles small boats in Marathon. We have to go to either Miami or Key West.  (We didn't apply for the "Local Boater Option" before we left.) Also, we didn't realize that it is extremely difficult to find a slip in Marathon. The marina we are in can give us a slip for just two days. Finally, person who is installing our new batteries won't be able to do the installation this week. (We had originally
scheduled the installation for next week). 
In hindsight, we should have stopped in Miami, cleared in, called about the batteries and slip availability in Marathon. Then we could have come here when everything was in place. Oh well, hindsight--it is 20/20. 

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