Sunday, February 26, 2017

Staniel Cay-again

We finally left Cambridge Cay and motor-sailed down to Staniel Cay. We were not picking up a shipment, for a change. I wanted to return to Staniel to snorkel one more time at Thunderball Grotto and to visit Sandy Cay at low tide. We anchored around the southern tip of Big Majors and we were right in the path of the tour boats. Since it was low tide (best time for snorkeling at Thunderball) and the weekend, there were a LOT of tour boats whizzing by on their way to Pig Beach and Thunderball. We were getting buffeted by a lot of wakes. It was ok for the afternoon since we planned to be out and about anyway. Thunderball was cloudy from the silt kicked up by the rains so it was a disappointment. I didn't see any fish at all. We dinghied over to Sandy Cay and were apparently too far beyond low tide to see the mile of sand bar we were expecting. The day was redeemed, though, with some good snorkeling near Sandy Cay and a very successful trip to Staniel for gas, diesel and food. We
moved around the corner of Big Majors for the night and saw another green flash at sunset.

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