Friday, February 10, 2017

Little Bay, Exumas

One of the downsides of cruising is leaving your social life behind. I really liked the social life I had at home and I miss it. On the other hand, cruisers are notoriously friendly and have met a lot of very nice people. Quite a few of the cruisers we have met seem to travel in pairs (buddy boats) or even larger packs. They tend to socialize a lot with each other. We like to be fairly independent and go where we want, when we want. That means we may spend some time without socializing with others. Lately, though, I have been getting my social fix. Last night we went to a bonfire at the beach. We have tentative plans to get together tonight with a couple we met a few days ago.
Little Harbor is a lovely anchorage. The beach is wide with powdery sand that forms sandbars at low tide. There is a private home known as the Sandcastle overlooking the harbor. We met the owner when she walked out to meet our dinghy as we approached to go snorkeling. We snorkeled some small reefs and saw lots of pretty tropical fish. Behind the beach is yet another failed housing development and marina. It makes for interesting walking trails. We picked out our lot on a high bluff that overlooks both Exuma Sound and the Bahama Banks!

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