Thursday, February 2, 2017

Arthur's Town, Cat Island

We had a lovely day of sailing up the coast of Cat Island. I guess I will have to take back what I said about there being too much or too little wind to sail in the Bahamas. We dropped the anchor at Arthur's Town and took the dinghy to shore to have a look. The Explorer Guide book says Arthur's Town is the birthplace of Sidney Poitier but we didn't see any signs mentioning that. The town is quite depressed. We saw more than the usual empty, dilapidated buildings. There appeared to be just two businesses open, a bar and a tiny shop with straw baskets. We passed a cute conch salad place along the shore (closed) and a nice looking outdoor bar along the shore (also closed). We are thinking that the town may have been hit hard by the hurricane and didn't have the resources to rebuild.

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