Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Getting Ready to Move on

The wind has subsided and we are getting ready to leave the marina in the morning. The storm turned out to be not as bad as predicted. We had wind in the 20's for several hours, gusting into the 30's. It has been dry here lately so the wind kicked up quite a dust storm. We had dust all over the boat, inside and out.  It did eventually rain so the outside of the boat was cleaned.  We spent today cleaning all of the surfaces inside. 
We have decided to purchase a portable Honda generator to supplement the solar panels. (Tell your friend he was right, Dave!) George called around and wasn't able to find anyone local who sells them so we are going to order one to be delivered the same way we had our new solar panel delivered. It will be sent to Watermakers Air in Fort Lauderdale and they will fly it to Staniel Cay. We will pick it up there in a week or two. 

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